Thursday, 26 November 2009

Complex Character

The brief was to create an 'information rich' A2 poster of a character of our choice.
I decided to go with Amy Winehouse as certain 'qualities' of her attitude and personality attracted me to her. I decided to blend modernist art and post-modernist art and see what i came up with.
I came up with this design. I decided to concentrate more on the bad qualities rather than the good.
Using a combination of photos and hand draw elements I think i succeeded in creating an interesting image that will hopefully grab your attention.

Sunday, 22 November 2009

This piece of work was part of a brief in my University course. As a group we were given a brief to create a complex character using 27 pieces of paper. We came up with the idea of a girl with multiple personality syndrome.
Her shadow is meant to convey her inner thoughts.
This was made with a combination of photographs and hand drawn elements. We decided to use greyscale and add elements of red to make it a bit more sadistic and weird.

Doodles on the train back

This was just random doodles on the train back from Manchester. I took my inspiration from Hannah as she is always drawing these odd schematic images.
I also came up with this new type, reminded me a bit of wood splinters. Don't know why I'd come up with that??

Friday, 6 November 2009

This was my finished piece work for my art foundation course in Coleg Menai.
It was based on a quotation off a film. The quotation was basically about how many people there is in the world and how everybody is different. I decided I would play on the numbers and create almost a wallpaper of people. I used a different person for each section so no two people are the same.